Cello Recital - Elegy & Cradle Song

2019 Nov 9

I performed two pieces in my cello teacher's studio recital. Again, both were by Frank Bridge.

Before I played I remarked that an Elegy is about a death, and a Cradle Song is for new life. Earlier in the year Melanie's maternal grandmother had passed. We had also gained a new granddaughter. So, the two pieces were appropriate.

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The Expanding Universe

2019 Nov 7

Standard cosmology says that the universe is expanding, and the most distant objects are expanding away from us at the greatest rate. However, there are problems that I see with this model that cannot be reconciled.

Last century, astronomer Edwin Hubble observed that distant stars in all directions give off light that is more red than normal, and that the greater the distance, the redder the light. He suggested that this could be like as if the stars were moving away from us at high velocity. Just as the siren of an emergency vehicle drops in pitch as it speeds away from us (and it drops a greater pitch the faster it is traveling away from us), the light would drop in color because of the star’s velocity away from us. (This is quantified by a number called "z".)

However according to the amount of redshift of the most distant stars, if they were actually moving at the velocity needed to produce the observed redshift, they would be moving away from us around the speed of light. (z > 1) Special relativity says this would be impossible.

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Cello Recital - Berceuse & Serenade

2019 Jun 18

I performed two pieces in my cello teacher's studio recital. Both are by Frank Bridge.

A berceuse is a lullaby. My granddaugher Linnea was young, so I imagined that I was playing music for her to go to sleep.

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