The Simple Good News

Left to ourselves, we all have broken relationship with God, however, God has made a way to restore this relationship.

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The Good News is about a very simple process: there is a part we believe and a part we do. It can be challenging, but it has an added benefit of also improving relationships with people.


The Good News (the Gospel) is a values-based spiritual solution to the problem of relationships: between man and God, and between humans.

Following Christ from the perspective:

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More Full Presentation

If we understand God's value system, we can come to a complete system of understanding of our relationship to God. This values-base perspective is based on the work of Darren Twa. Darren Twa is the author of several books that cover these topics in depth. Please read them.

  • God's Value System gives a full presentation of this useful perspective.
  • Emotions: Revealing our Values explains how our emotions show our values to us.
  • Relationship and ValueSystems is a short book to introduce this topic. (And it is available in a free on-line version.)
  • Darren's Sunday audio Messages also cover these topics.