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Rainy walk and a Cello Recital - Cavatina

2023 Nov 4

This morning there was thunder and lightning and rain! It was coming down as hard as I had seen it here. So, I did the only logical thing - I put on my kayaking dry suit and went for a walk in the woods by home!   :-D

The rain made a patter everywhere on the fallen leaves. At one spot there is a ditch which is usually dry, but today it was a vigorous stream.

standing in the woods by a stream

In about an hour the rain had stopped and we even had a bit of sunshine. Interesting weather!

In the evening I had a good cello recital. I played Cavatina by J. Raff.

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Everybody Believes in the Supernatural

2023 Sep 7

Our universe happens to exist. Most people subscribe to the Big Bang's cosmological explanation of its origin. In this, our universe began in the finite past, bursting into existence from a single point and expanding out to size.

All things naturally physical (including energy and matter), all physical laws of our universe, all space and even time itself did not exist without this singularity. Absent this singular event, nature itself did not exist. Therefore since the event was not of nature, it was by definition super-natural. In the Big Bang model the origin of the universe was supernatural.

Others believe the universe had an infinite past, always existing with its characteristic features (the Steady State model). This view would seem to make the issue of origin disappear, but it does not.

In our physical world real infinities are never actual because they are unable to exist. There cannot be an infinite quantity of things because there are a finite number of particles available in the universe. There cannot be an infinite number of events because then there would never be an event to start the event sequence. Infinity is only a mental concept because infinity itself is supernatural.

However we exist. Since an infinite past in our natural world is impossible, an infinitely old universe would be supernatural.

Because of our universe then, everyone believes in at least one great miracle. Of these two ideas (Big Bang, infinite past) most scientific lines of evidence point to the first, so it would be the preferred view.

Mechanistic Causes

Since everything that begins to exist has a cause, the next great question is what was the cause of the Big Bang? We already know it was not natural (of our universe), however, it might still be a mechanistic cause. A huge issue that this cause must also explain is why our universe is constructed with hyper precision to support life.

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Quotes: Short and Interesting

Most Fundamental Theory - 2023 September

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the rise of science is not that the early scientists searched for natural laws, confident that they existed, but that they found them. It thus could be said that the proposition that the universe had an Intelligent Designer is the most fundamental of all scientific theories and that it has been successfully put to empirical tests again and again. - Rodney Stark



Contrast is the mother of clarity. - Oz Guinness


Deep Ideas - 2023 July

More ideas are dependent on a deep idea than the number of [those which] are dependent on a shallow idea. - Jordan B. Peterson


Theory and Purpose

Scientists have learned over the centuries that when a fundamental theoretical impasse is encountered, we do not blame nature. We must blame the theory that fails to account for the observed natural phenomenon. - Stephen J. Iacoboni


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Kayaking to Lummi Island

2023 Jul 28

I did an overnight kayak trip to Lummi Island from Larabee State Park. It started with a 4 mile crossing. Crossings like this are not trivial because of the exposure they can present to the effects of bad weather, however, the day was calm and pleasant.

Thursday's kayak track

Along Lummi I found colonies of healthy sea stars (mostly 10 inch purples) and they were dense enough that sometimes they were even on top of each other. There were more there than I had seen in years, and this was very encouraging.

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Touring St. Edwards Lodge

2022 Nov 24

A decade ago I was able to get a private tour of the St. Edwards Seminary building. In the years ever since then, they were worried that the building would fall into such dis-repair (from water damage) that it would have to be condemned. Finally an arrangement was made for it to be turned into a private hotel. They renovated the building and the work has been completed since the end of last year.

The building lit up in evening fog

Late this afternoon I was back walking at St. Edwards State Park. I had never gone inside the old seminary building since then, so at the end of my walk I checked it out. Outside the lighting is quite elegant, with gas lanterns along the walkway.

building outside lit at night

Why I am Still a Christian

2022 Sep 14

I was born into a Christian family. However, today my view on Christianity is not the same as it was when I was a child.

Often a person remains in the religious belief system they grew up in. If they do leave their belief system it may be for reasons that involve experience, rationales or evidence. I however am still a Christian, and it is because of evidence, reason and experience.

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Kayak Camping Ross Lake

2022 Jul 1

I kayaked-camped at Ross Lake with an interesting group of guys. We had good company and beautiful scenery.

The end of Devils Creek inlet

The Ross, Diablo and Gorge lakes are a series of reservoirs that create hydropower for the city of Seattle. Ross is the longest at about 23 miles and at its north end it crosses about a mile into Canada. There is no road access to Ross from the US side. However, you can drive to Diablo and then travel by boat to Ross. We did this by putting in at Colonial Creek Campground.

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What I promote

I write about things on this website. What agenda do I have?

I promote:

  • A simple, coherent, orthodox and practical Christian spirituality: see the Good News.
  • A family that works toward good relationships, mental health, maturity with fun, and care for others.
  • The scientific theory that certain features of the universe and living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than a natural process: Intelligent Design.

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Good News: Read all about it!

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This is an approach based on what Jesus taught and is pragmatically useful both for those that follow Jesus or for those that just admire him.

About the Groves

Larry and Melanie

I'm Larry Grove, and my wife is Melanie. We have three adult sons and our family has continued to grow.

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