Past Grovelife banner images

These are banner images that have been shown on the website front page.


Gliders at Harris Hill, Elmira, NY - 2018, July 9

white two-person gliders parked on grass

The story


Sunset light on Seattle's skyline (and moon) from Alki. West Seattle, WA - 2023, Nov 26

yellow light reflecting from city skyscraper windows, moon above


Buildings in the previous Country Village shopping mall. Bothell, WA - 2019, April 7

old building, water wind mill, and caboose


Sunset light across the Puget Sound. West Seattle, WA - 2021, May 9

sunset over water and a neighborhood


Mount Rainier across Lake Washington from Colman Park. Seattle, WA - 2023, Nov 26

mountain in distance across a placid lake


Wet fall leaves floating on a puddle. Bothell, WA - 2018, Oct 18

Wet fall leaves, red with gold edges.


Seattle at sunset, on Lake Washington from my kayak. Mercer Island, WA - 2019, Sept 29

The Seattle skyline backed by sunset-colored sky reflected on water.


Lummi Island (the highest peak right) from Chuckanut Drive; Orcas Island behind at center. Bow, WA - 2023, July 28

A cascade of islands in the Puget sound, sunlight on water.


A manicured private park, open for walking access, with pond, in Bothell's Canyon Park area. Bothell, WA - 2023, January 17

Pond beside trail in Bothell Canyon Park area


Spring cherry blossoms at the University of Washington. Seattle, WA - 2023, April 14

Cherry blossoms and water fountain


Seattle at night from Gas Works Park across Lake Union. ⁨Seattle, WA - 2023, Jan 21

Seattle night skyline


Reading at home with the dog by the fire, the orchid blooming. Bothell, WA - 2019, April 9

Home great room


The tree colors of fall across the field at my work. Bothell, WA - 2022, Nov 4

Fall tree colors


Melanie playing her flute as we watch the sunset over Lake Washington from beside the cross-Kirkland trail. Kirkland, WA - 2019, Sept 21

View over Lake Washington


On Lake Ross looking at Pumpkin Mountain, Deming, WA - 2022, July 1

View across Lake Ross


Lupin flowers in a field at Brightwater treatment plant, Woodinville, WA - 2022, June 1

Lupin flowers


A trillium flower beside the trail at Weowna Park, Bellevue, WA - 2022, April 16

Trillium flower


Ptarmigan Ridge trail at Mount Baker, ‎⁨The Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest⁩, ⁨Washington⁩, ⁨United States⁩ - 2018, Aug 4

Trail on a slope, leading toward Mt. Baker


Seminary Lodge at St. Edwards State Park. Kenmore, WA - 2021 Nov

The building lit up in the evening fog


WA Ferry in the San Juan Islands, returning to Anacortes, as seen from James Island - 2021 Nov

Ferry boat with mountains in view beyond


Iconic bridge in Bothell across to the Sammamish River trail - 2021 Sept

Arched wooden foot bridge over river


Sunset over Seattle from the Cross-Kirkland trail. At right: football game at Husky Stadium with Olympic Mountains behind - 2021 Sept   (Unfortunate roof in foreground.)

Sunset view toward Seattle


Water eddies during flood tide at Deception Pass - 2019 Feb

Eddy turbulence behind a rock


View of Parliament buildings, Ottawa, Canada - 2018 July

Canadian Parliament buildings


View over Lake Washington of Lake Forest Park to St. Edward State Park. Seattle, WA - 2021 April

Blue sky with clouds and lake


I-520: the newest floating bridge over Lake Washington, Olympic Mountains in the distance at sunset. Seattle area, WA - 2018 July

Sunset and bridge over Lk Wa


Outflow at the locks in Ballard. Fresh water from Lake Washington into the salt of the Puget Sound. Seattle, WA - 2018 May

Water flowing over spillways


Cherry blossoms at the University of Washington's quad. Seattle, WA - 2018 March

Sunny day, blossoming trees, stately buildings, appreciative people viewing


Kayaking on Kachess Lake. King County, WA - 2018 May

Lake with rain-drops, kayak bow, gray skies and hills


Cake made by Bethany for Melanie's birthday. Bothell, WA - 2019 Oct


View across Lake Washington from St. Edwards state park. Kenmore, WA - 2020 Feb

Sunset with light on the water, blue sky and clouds


Lake Washington at sunset from OO Denny park. Kirkland, WA - 2020 Oct

Sunset sky with whispy clouds


Lake Washington from St. Edwards state park. Kenmore, WA - 2020 Dec

Rocky beach and trees framing lake


Lake Garibaldi in BC, Canada - 2008 Sept

Lake reflecting snow-covered mountains


View SW from Stewart Island toward San Juan Island in the Puget Sound, WA - 2020 Nov

Mossy hillside, calm Puget Sound, islands and blue sky


Old crossing of rail tracks in Woodinville, WA - 2020 Nov

60 degree crossing fixture of two rail tracks

2021/12/05: This track is now gone. I think that in not too long this location will become part of a bike/hike trail.