Natural Selection is not an Agent

2017 Oct 19

Natural selection in biological processes is a diversion. Natural selection is credited with being the agent of biological change by evolutionary thinkers. However it has no agency.

Darwin introduced the concept of natural selection as an analog "to man’s power of selection" . This selector is a power of the environment around an organism.

Through selective breeding, humans are able to dramatically affect plants and animals. However, humans do not add any variation or invention to these biological entities. At best if desired variations happen to occur naturally, humans can create an environment where they can be sorted for preservation. All adaptive change to the artificial environment being enforced by the humans comes from the organisms being farmed.

Therefore in biological systems, the agency for change is in the organisms.

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Evolution as Fact

2017 Sep 29

The neo-Darwinists of today know that evolution is a fact. They also have many hypotheses about the mechanisms of evolution which they freely invent and discard. Some of these mechanisms contradict each other, but remain accepted (e.g. gradualism vs punctuated equilibrium).

This may seem to be a situation of conflicts, but the key to understanding it is that evolution is actually two very separate things: it is both 'fact' and 'theory'.

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Jesus calls us to make Disciples, not Converts

2017 Feb 12

Jesus asks Christians to spread the gospel in the world, but he didn't ask us to make converts to Christianity. He doesn't ask us to do this anywhere in the Bible. Instead what he asks us to do is make disciples (Matthew 28:19&20).

This unfortunately is in conflict with much of conventional Christianity because commonly there is a large emphasis on making converts. This emphasis is wrong and is a deeply embedded problem. Some of us had been encouraged for years to count conversions and assess if people are believers. However, God is not interested in converts. God is interested in disciples.

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