Cello Recital - Vedro con mio Dileto

2024 Mar 16

I performed an opera aria on the cello. I played in a combined recital for the studios of Ellen (my teacher, center below kneeling) and Lianne, her long-time good friend and collegue.

Recital cellists in a group

Three of the pieces by others were a family effort. First, a mom played a beginner piece on the cello and her son played the piano. Then she played the piano for each of two other sons. It was so interesting that the same cello stayed up front and three people traded in to play it.

Ellen and Lianne played a vigorous cello duet near the end. Then I was last.

My playing went pretty well, but I distinctly felt my mistakes. Afterwards people were quite complimentary, and in listening now to the recording the whole seems better than the issues I had noticed. And so, I am happy with it.


Audio of the aria

Vedro con mio Dilleto (Giustino by Antonio Vivaldi)

Video of the aria

Vedro con mio Dilleto (Giustino by Antonio Vivaldi)


Being in the back row of our group picture, I though it would be humorous to hold the cello upside-down. Gabe thought that was a good idea and did it too.