The Dunking Tree

2022 Dec 27

One of my regular places to go walking is St. Edward State Park. It is a park of mostly hiking trails, and has the last undeveloped waterfront on Lake Washington. My favorite part of the walk is the shaded path down by the water.

Toward the end of the last year that Jessi stayed with us (2008), we spent a warm afternoon at the park. A bunch of the kids went down to the lake and serendipitously I got a video of them getting wetter than they were planning.

At lakeside on a tree

I keep coming back to this place on walks. The dunking event was so memorable that I started a tradition of sending Jessi a picture of the spot every time I went by it. I also take others on walks there, so I have a progression of pictures through the years.

Very quickly the tree trunk at the upper-right of the first picture tipped down into the water (2009).

tree and branches in water at sunset

Andrew & Erika (2011)   •••

I seem to either bring family or friends from Germany according to these pictures. How funny!

Andrew and Erika on bank

Melanie (2012)

Melanie by kayak

Andrew (2013)

Andrew walking out on trunk

Micha (2014)

Micha on bank

Larry (2015)

Larry by kayak

David (2016)

David on bank

Eli (2019)

Eli on trunk

Luisa (2019)

Luisa on bank

Marilyn (2021)

Marilyn on bank

Jessi (2022)

Jessi on bank

Calm water with evening lights.

tree in lake with lights from distant houses