We All Believe Things

2020 Dec 21

We all believe many things:

  • I believe that science does a good job of leading to true explanations of what happens in the natural, material world.
  • I believe there are true things that are immaterial. In essence these things are super-natural.
    • Science has no authority regarding the truth or existence of immaterial things (although science can imply immaterial things).
    • Immaterial things do give context to the world of science.

For instance I believe the universe had a beginning. This is consistent with the standard big bang cosmological model. All material and time came into existence at this big bang. Until the big bang had occurred there was no material, and no time, and so there were no natural laws. Therefore, this big bang was not a natural process.

Therefore, anyone who thinks there was a big bang believes in at least one supernatural thing. Belief in supernatural things is a reasonable and logical position.

Note that this group should include most scientists, even though they may not think about it this way.

All of our beliefs are based on something. This something always is a combination of evidence, philosophy and felt opinion. What you believe about the material, natural things largely comes from evidence, but also from your philosophy and opinions. What you believe about supernatural things also does come from evidence (as well as from your philosophy and opinions).

Beliefs are never blind. They are always based on some amount of evidence. But the best beliefs have good evidence.


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