Touring St. Edwards Lodge

2022 Nov 24

A decade ago I was able to get a private tour of the St. Edwards Seminary building. In the years ever since then, they were worried that the building would fall into such dis-repair (from water damage) that it would have to be condemned. Finally an arrangement was made for it to be turned into a private hotel. They renovated the building and the work has been completed since the end of last year.

The building lit up in evening fog

Late this afternoon I was back walking at St. Edwards State Park. I had never gone inside the old seminary building since then, so at the end of my walk I checked it out. Outside the lighting is quite elegant, with gas lanterns along the walkway.

building outside lit at night

The driving entrance is also fancy with an old limousine.

(One day last year I had come with Austin's family for a walk around the park. We got talking with the valet guys and they let us get inside the car!)

limousine under covered driveway

The main hallway is gorgeous with all kinds of art.

main hallway with art

The main staircase is much brighter than I remember. A decorated Christmas tree is in the middle below.

looking down the staircase with decorated tree below

And the old seminary barber chair is featured at a drink establishment downstairs.

barber chair outside bar

The refectory (dining room) was not changed too much from when I had seen it before. We went there to eat on a different day. (Melanie is in the curved booth at left.) Dinner was tasty.

lit dining room