A Story of Larry

2021 Apr 1

My mom has been writing stories about our personal family history for a while. It is an unusual history and I agree with her that the younger ones in the family should know about it.

A stack of printed books

Her latest stories were about her own children, about me and my two younger sisters. About how and where we grew up.

She asked that we print them up for our grandchildren. At first I was reluctant to dive in because (of course) I had my own things going on. But after getting into the story, I realized it was good. I also have done my own writing about these things, so the idea became easy to run with.

After editing, I added it to the website: The Story of Larry

The part I was not so convinced about was the printing it up part. I have become a very on-line sort of guy and another sheaf of papers on the shelf didn't seem so practical.

My son works for Xerox and works with high-end printers that can make whole books. In fact, in the past he has asked if we needed things printed because the demo units in his office need to be exercised occasionally. So, I asked if he could print a few.

Wow, I was surprised. Even though it was a large format, it actually felt substantial and the length wasn't trivial either.

So, this has been a good project, and now I need to send one of the copies to my mom to complete the loop.