A Good Bounce

2020 May 13

As we shelter in place during this time of COVID-19 social distancing, I have been very grateful for our trampoline. A trampoline was a fun toy during the time my kids were growing up. Now that our grandkids are spending the days with us, our second trampoline has become as much a tool as a toy.

The kids haven’t been able to play with their peers many of these days, so adults have to stand in for play. I notice that they will drop anything fun they are doing to jump with me. The three of us bounce together (carefully) - sometimes we (usually me) give a bounce to others, sometimes we (usually the kids) get a bounce from someone else.

I splurged for one of the nice SpringFree trampolines with a good safety net all around. Sometimes however on a big bounce Eli’s head will even be higher than the net. When that happens we all hoot and laugh together for the fun of it.

There are so many lessons learned on the trampoline: how to move the body for safe landings, how to look out for each other, how to share, how to adapt to unexpected energy coming at us and how to have fun because of it. I have found that the kids’ outlook and behavior during the rest of the day is substantially improved by including several good episodes of jumping. I find it clears up my head too.

For me, the second bounce is almost the best one. I get a bunch of height, and for one full second I float. In the moment I feel relaxed and free of gravity.

Then I see the moon above me. Since gravity is not holding me on the ground, could I just go up and around it? Isn't it just A Matter of Scale? But no, that is silly daydreaming. :-)

One thing is for sure, the grass sure grows fast under the trampoline in the summertime.