A Passion for God

2010 Mar 20

What is it to have a passion for God? What are its effects in your life? In thinking about passion, I thought about both good and bad aspects.

There are some things I am and have been passionate about. Somehow I find myself interested in them with no effort on my part. It could be nice if our relationship with God took no effort. However, when it takes work, that is not an excuse for not putting in the effort. In fact, when I am passionate about some thing, I find I put a lot of effort into it. So this would be the kind of passion about God that I want to have.

A big pitfall is to assume God is like us in the relationship. He is not. So we must not allow ourselves to be disappointed when he doesn't act as we expect. We must have faith that he is better than us and wants good for us. However, this will be as He defines good.

Also in thinking about passion, I thought about some famous people that had followed hard after God. For a few of them, their relationships with family had suffered badly because of it. I am fairly convinced this is not the correct balance of passion.

The result of having God's value system will be to show God's love to others. This is the one law of God's kingdom. It won't be to exclude them from your life in the pursuit of God. So a true passion for God must also result in deeper relationships with other Christians, especially within the family.

Our relationship with God grows as he transforms us to have His value system. His value system is sacrificial love for the benefit of others. When we share that value system in common, it will be a passion in our life. And it brings about a life worth living.




The value system perspective used here is based on ideas from the work of Darren Twa.