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A trillium flower beside the trail at Weowna Park, Bellevue, WA - 2022 April 16


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My unexpected hospital adventure

2022 May 10

I have one less gallbladder than before.   :-)

Last Tuesday I woke up with the preoccupying ache of a gallbladder attack. Since the episode did not seem to be ending by evening, I went into urgent care, and they were very busy. However, the nurse I talked to had been concerned that I might be experiencing something with my heart, and I think that increased my priority in the queue.

It wasn’t my heart. My gallbladder which in 2016 had some dozen stones in it now looked like a gravel beach. That was the problem, and so I elected to get it out.

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Quotes, Short and Interesting

Reason - 2022 Mar

So long as reason remains faithful and faith remains reasonable, both reason and faith should be held in high regard and encouraged to cooperate. - Holden and Haun


Materialism - 2022 Jan

Materialism is a weak flame that is blown out by the breath of mature thinking. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Materialism is neither a deduction of logic or a fact of experience; it is a metaphysical prejudice. It cannot be justified from first premises. - David Bentley


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What is Leadership?

2022 Jan 23

When I went to Trinity Western University they had a motto about all their students becoming leaders. However, I did not understand this because it was unclear to me what they meant by a leader. And it seemed obvious that not everybody can be the leader; followers are needed too.

The clarification that was needed here matters substantially. Initially in my view, there were limited openings for leaders. If they were speaking of "elite" leaders, then most people have no part in leadership.

However, I have learned that leadership actually is something that everyone can have a part in. The key is to understand how and why.

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What I promote

I write about things on this website. What agenda do I have?

I promote:

  • A simple, coherent, practical and orthodox Christian spirituality: see the Good News.
  • A family that works toward good relationships, mental health, maturity with fun, and care for others.
  • The scientific theory that certain features of the universe and living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than a natural process: Intelligent Design.

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Two Kinds of Explanations

2021 Dec 16

There are two kinds of explanations of things: by the how of things and by the why of things. That is, there are explanations by the mechanisms of how things work, and also by agency.

boiled water being poured into tea mug
  • A cup of tea brewing could be explained in terms of what was happening with the physics of boiling water. Or, it could be explained in terms of my intent to make a hot beverage.
  • The Falcon 9 rockets of SpaceX can be explained in terms of rocket drives or by means of the drive of Elon Musk.

These two kinds of explanations do not conflict. In fact, they are complementary, and we need both kinds of explanations.

A scientific explanation is about mechanisms. Sometimes these are not actually explanatory although they are descriptive. The science describes causal chains, how one thing leads to another; however, it does not explain the initial cause (the ultimate cause). Science does not provide the purpose for why something happened.

On the other hand, the agency approach generally is the only source of explanations about ultimate causes. Only the agency explanation supplies the teleology (the purpose) for things. Therefore, without both kinds of explanations, we have serious explanatory holes.

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Great Books and Great Authors

2021 Dec 7

Many of us have experienced the sublime pleasure of finding a book and realizing that it is completely engaging and immersive. While we are reading, it is hard to put down. After it is done we are both satisfied and disappointed that we came to the end.

What do we learn about the author by having read it? We do know that the author existed because we read their book, however, most of the time we don’t know much more. We also know they have skill in their craft and that they are creative for having constructed a world of ideas that was so compelling.

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Except When It Doesn't

2021 Dec 1

According to Dobzhansky, “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution.” This means evidence from biology always backs (Darwinian) evolution - except when it doesn’t...

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Reason and the Greatest Commandment

2021 Sep 30

In Matthew 22:34-40, Jesus teaches that the greatest commandment is to love God. He also taught that the next greatest was to love your neighbor as yourself. There are several aspects of this that are fascinating.

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Good News: Read all about it!

Find out about

This is an approach based on what Jesus taught and is pragmatically useful both for those that follow him or for those that just admire him.

About the Groves

Larry and Melanie

I'm Larry Grove, and my wife is Melanie. We have three adult sons and our family has continued to grow.

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Kayak Adventures, High and Low

2021 Jul 20

On the holiday weekend I went on a kayaking trip that had more adventure than I’ve had in a long time. We were a group of 2 guys and 5 gals. The good news was that everybody survived although we lost two people.

The float plan was to kayak from Washington Park in Anacortes to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. We would have ebb current down Rosario Strait. The tide would change while we were south of Lopez. Then by the time we got to Cattle Pass between Lopez and San Juan Islands, we would have flood current up to Friday Harbor. It was a long trip and the currents would help a lot.

The complication was that there were winds up to about 15 mi/hr out of the west. This meant that there was a lot of fetch up the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the rollers out of the Strait had become quite big. Also initially the current was against the wind - which made the rollers even bigger.

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