Banner images

These are banner images that have been shown on the website front page.


Sunny day, blossoming trees, stately buildings, appreciative people viewing

Cherry blossoms at the University of Washington's quad in 2018.

Lake with rain-drops, kayak bow, gray skies and hills

Kayaking on Kachess Lake in May 2018

Cake made by Bethany for Melanie's birthday, 2019

Sunset with light on the water, blue sky and clouds

View across Lake Washington from St. Edwards state park

Sunset sky with whispy clouds

Lake Washington at sunset from OO Denny park.

Rocky beach and trees framing lake

Lake Washington from St. Edwards state park

Lake reflecting snow-covered mountains

Lake Garibaldi in BC, Canada

Mossy hillside, calm Puget Sound, islands and blue sky

View SW from Stewart Island toward San Juan Island in the Puget Sound

60 degree crossing fixture of two rail tracks

Old crossing of rail tracks in Woodinville, WA

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