The Good News

God has a kingdom and this is Good News for us. (The statement might sound strange.) It is a spiritual kingdom, and our participation in it is based on our relationship with the sovereign.

All our relationships are based on what we share in common with others. We are physical beings so our values are substantially related to our physical selves. However, God is spiritual and not physically-based. We base many relationships with people on tangible things, but a physical nature is not something we can share in common with God.

God is motivated by his personal value system, which can be summed up as sacrificial love for the benefit of others. God has demonstrated this to us through Jesus Christ who lived and taught and modeled it. God is interested that we also learn and practice this value so that we can have something in common with him. God's non-physical kingdom is where we live by this value with other people.

The result of living out God's value system is that we can have good relationships, both with God and with people. This value system is very simple, very profound, and it is a freeing practical system for good living. It is Good News.



The Good News (the Gospel) is a values-based spiritual solution to the problem of relationships: between man and God, and between humans.

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More Full Presentation

If we understand God's value system, we can come to a complete system of understanding of our relationship to God. This values-base perspective is based on the work of Darren Twa. Darren Twa is the author of several books that cover these topics in depth. Please read them.

  • God's Value System gives a full presentation of this useful perspective.
  • Emotions: Revealing our Values explains how our emotions show our values to us.
  • Relationship and ValueSystems is a short book to introduce this topic. (And it is available in a free on-line version.)
  • Darren's Sunday audio Messages also cover these topics.


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