My unexpected hospital adventure

2022 May 10

I have one less gallbladder than before.   :-)

Last Tuesday I woke up with the preoccupying ache of a gallbladder attack. Since the episode did not seem to be ending by evening, I went into urgent care, and they were very busy. However, the nurse I talked to had been concerned that I might be experiencing something with my heart, and I think that increased my priority in the queue.

It wasn’t my heart. My gallbladder which in 2016 had some dozen stones in it now looked like a gravel beach. That was the problem, and so I elected to get it out.

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What is Leadership?

2022 Jan 23

When I went to Trinity Western University they had a motto about all their students becoming leaders. However, I did not understand this because it was unclear to me what they meant by a leader. And it seemed obvious that not everybody can be the leader; followers are needed too.

The clarification that was needed here matters substantially. Initially in my view, there were limited openings for leaders. If they were speaking of "elite" leaders, then most people have no part in leadership.

However, I have learned that leadership actually is something that everyone can have a part in. The key is to understand how and why.

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What is God's Primary Motivating Value?

2022 Jan 18

Romans 12 tells us that Jesus best represents God to us. The primary value that Jesus represented to us was that of a sacrificial love for others. Because this is the value that motivated Jesus we can know that this value is God’s motivating value (John 3:16, I John 4:8).

However, some might say that God’s primary motivating value is justice. Yes, God is just. However, seeing justice as God’s primary motivator is a mistake.

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