Unexpected Roof Consequences

2021 Feb 14

We got our snow this weekend. A foot deep in some places.

However, there is a consequence I had not expected when we had our roof re-done last year. Our new roof is slippery metal and the snow slides off.

A big pile of snow outside the window on to the back yard

Snow in California

2021 Feb 6

My sister is in a mountainous area of California where they recently had snow.

Looking at the moon through the trees

Reasonable Beliefs

2021 Jan 21

We all believe many things:

  • I believe that science does a good job of leading to true explanations of what happens in the material world (the natural world). This is especially true for science that can be repeatably verified by experiment.
  • I believe there are true things that are immaterial but real. These things are not part of the physical world because they are not based in matter or energy. These can include mathematics, philosophy, and spiritual things.

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