Our Obedience

2011 May 25

Chuck Swindoll made a good point on the obedience of the Israelites.

"My personal conviction is that our greatest struggle is not in the realm of understanding the will of God; it's in the realm of obeying the God whose will it is."

Historical Obedience

However, what the Israelites were to obey isn't what we are to obey. Jesus changed the rules (John 15:12). We no longer are required to be obedient in our behaviors.

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How are People Saved?

2011 May 15

Throughout all time, people have been saved by trusting in a merciful God. And since Jesus came to earth, we understand more about how God accomplishes this through the gospel.

The Gospel

The word Gospel means "good news". Jesus came teaching the good news of a new kingdom of God (Matt 4:23, 9:35, Mark 1:14-15, Luke 8:1, 20:1). This kingdom is very unusual for it is the means by which we are saved.

Jesus taught extensively about the kingdom because it was so different from any earthly kingdom. In fact, this new kingdom wasn't an earthly kingdom at all (John 18:36, Rom 14:17, 1Cor 15:50). It was a spiritual kingdom that was established by Jesus' death and resurrection. This made it quite difficult for humans to understand.


Why was the kingdom good news anyway?

The news of Jesus' new kingdom was good because it solved a problem we could not fix:

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