A new cello, and Oblivion performance

2012 Dec 16

Recently I purchased a new cello. This had not been in my plans, and was a surprise to me.

This actually is news, and I'm not repeating myself!   :-)

When I purchased a cello last year, I played quite a few cellos including some that were above of my price range. I wanted to see what other people considered to be more ideal sounds. There was one cello that I remembered in particular because I didn't understand its correlation between price and sound.

Two cellos on a table

What is a Value System?

2012 Apr 16

A value system is the complete collection of things you care about in life. We have many opinions and preferences. Some we hold strongly, others not so much. Each of these things holds some level of value to us. Taken as a whole, we can call them our value system.

All of what you do in life can be set into the paradigm of value system.

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