What I promote

I write about things on this website. What agenda do I have?

I promote:

  • A simple, coherent, orthodox and practical Christian spirituality: see the Good News.
  • A family that works toward good relationships, mental health, maturity with fun, and care for others.
  • The scientific theory that certain features of the universe and living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than a natural process: Intelligent Design. •••

As against:

  • The philosophical position that energy and matter and natural processes are the only things that exist : Materialism and Naturalism. •••
  • The philosophy that science can invoke only natural things and processes, and that science can (or will be able to) answer all questions by invoking only natural things and processes: Scientism. •••

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  • The scientific theory that all living things proliferated naturalistically from one initial organism by a purposeless, pitiless and undirected process: Darwinian Evolution. •••

The simple and logic conclusion of this way of thinking is that no individual human life therefore has any distinctive or particular value. This despair of purpose leads many to suicide. This theory evolutionarily reduces the fitness of humans.


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