This is what is going on now in my life. (Updated 2021-06-21)

Current Projects

  • Filling out this website that you are now reading
  • Making an automated solar goTenna relay station

My Systems

These systems are similar to habits; they are the big things I work toward regularly. I prefer systems instead of goals.

  • Thinking on my major interest topics
  • Encouraging the people I am connected to
  • Playing cello: on pitch, lack of tension, effortless big tone, learning new music
  • Consuming less sugar than my taste suggests
  • Movement and exploring outside: walking, hiking, biking, kayaking
  • And the regular things of life note

The (of course) on-going work

  • Getting enought sleep (I'm a night owl)
  • Maintaining the house and home
  • WFH for Philips (with some visits into our measurement lab)

What I think about

These are the things that always fascinate me.

  • Gospel spirituality
  • Cosmology (the origin of things)
  • Teleology (the purpose of things)
  • Cello: my voice, beautiful melodies, delightful harmonies
  • Automated control systems by computer software
Updated 2021-06-21   © 2021 Larry Grove