General Linux Tips

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This applies to Slackware.

Q: How does startx know to start kde?

A: The /usr/X11/bin/startx script calls xinit (/usr/X11R6/bin/xinit ?) The shell script /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc contains a call to startkde (/opt/kde/bin/startkde ?). Note that there are other windows managers in the same directory.

Q: How do I start and stop services?

A: For interactive start-stop go to /etc/rc.d Execute a script with a start or stop argument.

Generally, an executable script will be executed at startup to start those services.

Q: How do I install additional Linux apps.


Q: What is an .rc file?

A: rc is an abbreviation of runcom, which is a script file containing startup instructions for an application

Other important files:

  • /etc/inittab
  • /etc/fstab

Starting Samba

  1. edit the configuration file
  2. start samba
  3. add users
	cd /etc/samba
	cp smb.conf-sample smb.conf
	jed smb.conf

add to the bottom of the file

	path = /home/lgrove                                                             
	valid users = lgrove                                                            
	public = no                                                                     
	writable = yes                                                                  
	printable = no                                                                  
	create mask = 0765 
	/etc/rc.d/rc.samba start
	smbpasswd -a lgrove
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