Audio Memories from Brazil

I very much enjoyed my time in high school in Brazil at PACA. Memories have always been very important to me, and I wanted to reinforce them, so I recorded some audio of people and happenings to capture life at that time. These people would have no significance for you if you did not already know them. It is, however, for my classmates that have dispersed across the world.

Then some "sound effects".

  • The Night Watchman: This guy "protected" the neighborhood and then collected a small fee monthly. I don't think he was highly effective: the whistle he used not only told the people he was around, but could have notified thieves of where he was too. However, it became a comforting part of the evening sounds.
  • The Metro: I used the subway quite a bit.
  • Ilha do Mel: An island place I went one summer. It was isolated and the people were poor. Some kids were entertaining themselves with musical instruments they had made inside a small house. That and some surf.
  • Music Box: This music box was at a somewhat remote ranch I visited another summer.