2011 Germany Trip: Weinheim

We took a long-anticipated trip in 2011 to Germany to visit Jessi Eberhart's family, and the Fast family.

After we flew into Frankfurt, the Eberhardts took us to the old downtown of Weinheim. This is the Marketplatz (market place).

Cobbled square with tables around edge

We had a wonderful dinner there outdoors.

Sitting around table before eating

I explored the Catholic church at the upper end of the Marketplatz. It was unlocked so you could just walk in and look around. Even this modest church was visually nicer than churches back home.

Modest cathedral, stone, gilt highlights

This is the adjacent Weinheim castle. City offices are in the attached buildings.

Stone and plaster side of modest castle

The castle tower again: The tree at the left beside it is a Lebanon cedar. It is the oldest and largest of these in Germany.

Castle tower and cedar tree

Old streets in town.

Stone paved lane with open stream

The streets and houses developed together organically through history.

Narrow lanes with Y and traditional houses

Sometimes there were walkways through buildings

Stairs between and under houses

Some streets were very narrow in the old tannery section of town.

Narrow brick lane with traditional two story houses on either side

And there were lots of unique historic details.

House stone wall with cat and watering trough

Was this a brewery?

Corner of a building with inset statue holding a stein

Not just any old door.

Big green arched door with inset door with royal crest overhead

Next day we went to a park by the Rhine river at Mannheim.

Walking beside the river