Our House Addition Adventure

In 2002 we became busy with an addition on our house. Final inspection was competed the end of 2003. I was my own general contractor. I sub-contracted a few jobs, but did most of my own work. There are a few finish details to complete, but we are very pleased with the results. The whole thing was quite an adventure.

Digging up the yard.

Track hoe digging in back yard

Pouring the foundation into forms with the help of a concrete pumper truck.

Larry directing pumped concrete

Floor joists going in.

Joists on foundation

Carrying drainage rock to put around the foundation.

Melanie and bucket of rocks

Walls starting to go up.

Standing up built wall

Trusses arriving.

Trusses lifted over the house

The roof taking shape.

Trusses in place across walls

The shell is complete.

Wrapped new house shell

Removing the old siding from existing house.

Prying old siding

All new siding for the house.

Installing vinyl siding

Putting up a temporary beam to hold up the ceiling while the kitchen glue-lam is installed.

Guys holding up beam

The opened up kitchen and clean great-room with windows. The boys had fun swinging (literally) from the rafters. The weather isn't cold yet.

Framed great room

Plumbing for the master bathroom.

Larry's hand sticking up through floor

Insetting the the hearth backing material for the gas fireplace.

Larry head up through floor

Wiring, heat ducts, plumbing & insulation under the new section.

Crawl space

Demolition, dust and dirt so a kitchen wall can be moved.

Broken drywall and new studs

The weather was cold during the project and it was hard to heat the rest of the house.

Card games and computer time

Cooking while replacing the kitchen ceiling panels.

Melanie cooking, Larry adding drywall

Rinsing supper dishes in the bathroom tub.

Larry rinsing

Building the pantry walls. One of the times my Dad was able to work with me.

Leslie holding level, Larry setting stud

Painting the kitchen. The rest of the addition was done with a sprayer.

Larry painting with roller

Putting in the new kitchen cabinets. The van jack was very helpful.

Setting cabinets

Finally a working new kitchen!

Kitchen with unfinished floor

The master suite bathroom.

Almost complete bathroom

Laying down the laminate flooring.

Larry and Alan installing

Enjoying the new Great Room.

Room in sunny day