The Multiverse God

2020 May 2

Life on this earth is highly unlikely. The universe and our earth are so finely tuned to support life that they are inexplicable on physics; the origin of life is so complex and integrated that it is inexplicable on nature; and human consciousness is inexplicable on biology.

Our existence is so improbable that naturalistically we should not exist. The statistics are so completely against us that no one sanely tries to justify our cosmological origin by chance and natural causes.

An idea called the multiverse therefore has been suggested as a mechanistic solution for our existence. In this speculative thinking there are infinitely many universes, and we just happen to be in one that was just right for us to exist. Our just-right Goldilocks world out of the many is what let us evolve into conscious beings who then notice that we are here and wonder about it.

There are serious problems with this thinking:

  • The other-verses are specifically unobservable and immaterial to us, so they are outside of science.
  • They are a pure metaphysical solution, therefore again they are not scientific.
  • These hypothetical other-verses are all assumed to be different from ours at their most basic levels. This means they don't follow our natural laws and therefore, they are super-natural and once again unscientific.
  • All the hypothetically generated other-verses are independent entities cast into their own isolated existences; thus, no one of them is a reason or an explanation for any other.
  • The proponents of this idea imagine a busy generator of the alternate universes. However, this itself is a problem of improbability because the generator would require many finely-tuned parameters to be functional. This generator is just a “turtles all the way down” explanation. note
  • The multiverse proponents are assuming that this generator makes random other-verses in all kinds of combinations. However, this is simply a metaphysical opinion because it is just as reasonable to imagine that the hypothetical generator is a cloner and can’t make other-verses that are any different from ours. note

The story goes that someone went to hear a talk about planet orbital mechanics. Afterward the listener talked with the speaker and said that they did not believe what was said because they knew what was really holding up the earth.

“What is that?”, asked the speaker.

“It is resting on the back of a giant turtle.”

“And what is the turtle on?”

“On another turtle.”

“And that one?”

“Oh, I know where you are going,” said the person, “It’s turtles all the way down.”

Similarly it can be said that the multiverse theory does not predict fine-tuning of our universe any better than a single-universe theory. Therefore substantial evidence of fine-tuning offers no support for the multiverse theory.

The generator sounds to me like a convenient god dressed up in materialism.

  • It is a god of the gaps for materialists, and as such it is a very shallow answer for a difficult and complex question.
  • It is a science killer because it functions as a completed answer to to all possible difficulties. It kills curiosity into the cause of the universe and stops further inquiry.
  • Whereas atheists have ridiculed religious people for imagining another spiritual world and reality, they are doing the same thing. In fact they are imagining many other worlds by faith with no evidence.

These imagined other-verses offer zero explanatory power for our own improbable existence. A multiverse is an imaginary solution for our universe because our universe is the only one for which we have evidence.

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