2012 East Coast Trip: Portland

In 2012, Melanie & I toured on the east coast of the United States. We had a few days in (Portland) Maine, a week in Boston and a week in upstate New York.

Of course, we had to have Maine lobster while we were there. This device was supposed to buzz and tell us when our food was ready, but Melanie was "hungry" already!

Melanie just about to eat the buzzer

We chatted with another couple while waiting. When our meal came, they gave us advice for how to eat these things, and they assured us that the bibs were a good thing to wear. The fast-food lobster was excellent! :-)

Larry and Melanie bibbed up to eat lobster

In Portland, Maine, the harbor had some iconic lighthouses. Many of the liberty ships were made here during WWII, but the construction dry docks are now pleasure boat marinas.

Lighthouse in harbor at Portland, Maine

So many buildings had intriguing character in Portand.

Red brick building with curved walls

The sidewalks were interesting too. Were the waves from freeze buckling?

Wavey uneven brick sidewalk

The brick and cobble stone certainly gave the city an old-country character.

Brick sidwalk and cobbled street

We toured this house that was extremely modern and luxurious for pre-civil war times.

Impressive stone historic house

On our way down to Boston, we put our feet into the Atlantic.

Melanie barefoot in the Atlantic

The water certainly was warmer than the Puget Sound, but I would still have a hard time swimming in it for long.

Larry barefoot in the Atlantic