2005 Japan Trip: Travel

I grew up in Japan; our family left when I was 14. My Mom had a dream for us kids to have a reunion back in Japan, and the dream came true August of 2005.

My Dad passed away in 2003; my folks' colleague Art Seely lost his wife in 2002. Then, in early 2005 Art and Mom married. They spent the last half of their first together year in Japan. Their work was helping a Japanese church through the teaching of English classes. We were able to go there to be with them for 11 days before things got busy.

My two sisters Marilyn & Lisa, two of my nieces, my wife Melanie and I (Larry) made the trip.

Walking an airport hallway

We were met at Narita by Rick & Lois Seely (Art's son). They would drive us to our first stop, Karuizawa - a 5 hour trip. It was our opportunity to visit with them and we very much appreciated their time.
Rick arranged for us to use a van that would hold us all. Here we stopped at a 7-Eleven for a first taste of Japanese flavors. We forgot the door open - but due to Japanese honesty, there were no worries.

van in parking lot with open door

I was surprised at the number of American brands in Japan. This one was all over.

store signs and power wires

We travelled on several kinds of roads. This one went through the rice paddies.

two lane road through rice fields

Access to these roads was guarded by poles that prevented wide vehicles from entering. Our van fit with only a few inches of clearance!

steel poles at road exit