2011_germany81 Agnes took us to a castle near her place.

2011_germany82 It had heavy fortifications because they gained their money by robbing.

2011_germany83 The vaulted arch ceilings were impressive.

2011_germany84 However as in some cases, the out-house was set in the wall without plumbing. That design was not impressive.

2011_germany85 This bulwark tower is large. A group of Agnes' friends have sung a-cappella in it, and once another friend brought his cello and played there - a wonderful sound.

2011_germany86 The tower is pretty high and the castle is on a hill. Mel was nervous about Agnes, but Agnes loved it! :-)

2011_germany87 Later that week, the Eberhardts took us to Gutenburg Castle. We crossed the Neckar River on this little ferry. A cable holds it against the current, keeping it at the proper place on the river. Very short crossing.

2011_germany88 The drive through the countryside was very beautiful - rolling hills of farmland.

We passed through this village and happened on a Corpus Christi parade.

2011_germany89 I guess I had been bad. :-)

2011_germany90 We ate dinner outdoors. The food was fantastic.

2011_germany91 So was the view from our table.

2011_germany92 Very relaxing.

2011_germany93 Through a combination of luck and good management, this castle had never been conquered. It is still occupied as a residence by the 17th generation of the family.

2011_germany94 View from the (high) tower over the Neckar River valley.

2011_germany95 Jessi & I stayed up quite a while, but the others didn't like the height.

2011_germany96 Afterwards we looked at birds. They have many raptors which are part of a breeding and educational program. We watched a very interesting show where they had them flying out over the valley and right close over our heads.