2011_germany154 We had a final outing with Jessi's family: at the Schwetzingen castle gardens. The flowers were extensive.

2011_germany155 The gardens area was huge, geometric, and very formal. It had lots of intersecting paths.

2011_germany156 There were a number of religious-type structures on the grounds. This was the temple to Apollo.

2011_germany157 And this mosque in the gardens was demonstrative of appreciation for the culture it represented. (Except for one brief time, the mosque had not been used for religious purposes.) In it's courtyard and garden area there was symmetry, geometry and beauty.

2011_germany158 Our final Sunday was a morning picnic with Jessi's church. As we had experienced at other times, about half the songs were in English. I found this so interesting!

2011_germany159 Delicious Black Forest cake after our lunch!

2011_germany160 And finally, our time ended and we came home.