2011_germany15 Another day: we visited a walled town.

2011_germany16 The castle fort

2011_germany17 There was a tower at each corner of the town and the castle was at the highest corner.

2011_germany18 Another corner's tower.

2011_germany19 Overlooking the valley. Lots of grapes are grown in the region for wine.

2011_germany20 We had a fun group!

2011_germany21 Then walking around the village.

2011_germany22 This house was wonderfully asymmetrical.

2011_germany23 We thought this might have been like the house that Hansel & Gretel could have been kept in.

2011_germany24 Then on to a different place with a ruined church. It was the largest one in Germany at the time.

2011_germany25 It was the victim of a war a long time ago and burned for 12 days.

2011_germany26 One more place on this day: An archeological site of a Roman farm villa.

2011_germany27 The storage cellar. There also was underfloor heating. The Romans had good technology.