2011_germany28 In Heidelberg: It was the holiday day after Pentecost Sunday, so the streets were not crowded.

2011_germany29 It's me.

2011_germany30 Narrow streets with buildings against each other.

2011_germany31 Towers above the other buildings

2011_germany32 Inside of a church with a service for Pentecost. Beautiful organ music.

2011_germany33 A plaza with Heidelberg castle on the hill in the background.

2011_germany34 Cool buildings

2011_germany35 The funicular to take us up to the castle. (Funicular derives from a word meaning cord. There are two cars on the end of a steel cable that alternately are raised and lowered on the hill. They alway pass each other in the middle.)

2011_germany36 Heidelberg from the top of the mountain.

2011_germany37 Famous stone bridge across the Neckar River.

2011_germany38 And up the river from the castle.

2011_germany39 Down river: Heidelberg from above.

2011_germany40 Close up of the big central church.

2011_germany41 Castle entrance over the dry moat.

2011_germany42 They kept bears in the moat at one time.

2011_germany43 The castle was rebuilt several times. This is one such section.

2011_germany44 This was left as part ruin. The statues have been replaced because the sandstone deteriorates.

2011_germany45 The courtyard looking back toward the entrance tower.

2011_germany46 This impressive tower ruin had been a powder magazine, but it had an accident. The cupola top of the entrance tower can be seen over the trees.

2011_germany47 In a lower room, they had a 50,000 gallon wood barrel. It had been used to hold the wine tax from the Palatine region.