We took a long-anticipated trip to Germany to visit Jessi Eberhart's family, and the Fast family.

2011_germany0 After we flew into Frankfurt, the Eberhardts took us to the old downtown of Weinheim. This is the Marketplatz (market place).

2011_germany1 We had a wonderful dinner there outdoors.

2011_germany2 Inside the Catholic church at the end of the Marketplatz.

2011_germany3 Later I went exploring by myself. This is Weinheim castle. City offices are in the attached buildings.

2011_germany4 Weinheim castle in the foreground, the Catholic church spire behind at left.

2011_germany5 Weinheim castle tower again; The tree at the left is beside it, and is a Lebanon cedar. It is the oldest and largest one in Germany.

2011_germany6 Old streets in town

2011_germany7 The streets and houses developed together organically.

2011_germany8 Sometimes there were walkways through buildings

2011_germany9 Some streets were narrow in the old tannery section.

2011_germany10 And there were lots of unique historic details.

2011_germany11 A brewery?

2011_germany12 Not just any door.

2011_germany13 Next day we went to a park by the Rhine river at Mannheim.

2011_germany14 Watching the long river barges passing.