2005_japan34 Nojiri (map) is where I spent most of my summers while growing up. Most of my favorite Japan memories are of there. Art's daughter Joy was living there full-time in a cabin at the Nojiri Lake Association (NLA).

2005_japan35 We stopped first at her cabin.

2005_japan36 Then we went down to the waterfront. The auditorium there is almost exactly as before - although in my memory it was bigger. A highlight of the service was an earthquake. The building shook, but the speaker only paused a beat.

2005_japan37 The waterfront also has changed very little. I expected change, but it was fun to see so much that was the same. Notice the lifeguard tower and swimming raft.

2005_japan38 I played on and around this tree on the waterfront as a child. It has a distinctive shape and is still there.

2005_japan39 In this old picture of the waterfront, the dock is wooden instead of concrete. However, the lifeguard tower and swimming rafts are there. My Mom is on the lower left with Lisa.

2005_japan40 Adult Lisa looks across the lake to the far village. I was pleased to see so much of the lake waterline was still green and undeveloped.

2005_japan41 Nojiri's island is beyond the swimming raft.

2005_japan42 This old photo of the lake and the island was taken from the cabin my Dad built. Today, the trees have grown up so much that the lake cannot be seen from the cabin.

2005_japan43 For lunch we ate soba (buckwheat noodles) and tempura (deep-fried vegetables - the best I can remember).

2005_japan44 The restaurant had both chairs and straw mat seating.

2005_japan45 After lunch we brought our luggage to Rick Seely's cabin where we would stay the night. Next we walked to the waterfront for swimming.

2005_japan46 The water was excellent. It was very satisfying to be back swimming in lake Nojiri.

2005_japan47 Rick's veranda was a nice place to relax afterward.

2005_japan48 That evening we went to the hymn sing on the docks. We sang to the accompaniment of a pump organ until it was dark. It was just like old times.

2005_japan49 In the morning Lisa read to us from a book she found on the shelf: "On Becoming a Woman", circa 1955. It was very, very funny!