2005_japan156 The next day was Sunday. Our plan was morning church in Susaka and evening church in Nakano. The Susaka church is on the edge of a park. We had time to walk quickly through it.

2005_japan157 This was part of a dry fountain, but it was a good location for a picture.

2005_japan158 After the service, Japanese churches often have a potluck meal together.

2005_japan159 Our group in front of the Suzaka church.

2005_japan160 Church at Nakano.

2005_japan161 We played instruments for special music. I wished I had my cello instead.

2005_japan162 Again, there was a potluck meal afterward that was all very good.

2005_japan163 This time a straw mat carpet was put down and we ate at low tables.

2005_japan164 There were a number of good English speakers in the church including this gal. This was our last night in Japan.

2005_japan165 There is a good road system in Japan. Roads that are equivalent to freeways in North America are toll-ways. It cost about $80 in tolls for the trip to Tokyo.

The posted speed limit is 80 kph. However, it is not speed-policed and cars routinely drive at 120 kph (about 75 mph).

2005_japan166 Japan is very mountainous. We passed through an area with some cool rock formations.

2005_japan167 To keep traffic moving, there are lots of bridges and tunnels in the mountains. We passed through some that were 4 kilometers long.

2005_japan168 When we got to Tokyo, we changed to surface streets because in rush hour you can actually make better time that way. Also Art wanted to show us some of the sites of the city. This was the main entrance of the imperial palace grounds (map). In the crowded center of Tokyo, this expanse is an incredible extravagance of space.

2005_japan169 This building across the street from the imperial palace is now the Mutual Life Insurance building. However, it was the place from which General Douglas Macarthur ruled Japan during the occupation after WWII. He was a fair man and for that, the Japanese loved him.

2005_japan170 We flew back to the States on a 777.

2005_japan171 The weather was beautiful coming back in to Sea-Tac. I would have liked to stay longer in Japan, but it felt good to be home.