I Want to be Like Him

2016 Jan 14

My step-dad Art passed in 2015. He was an interesting man, but he was not easy. The marriage to my mom was a challenge for both of them because they were strong individuals, each with their own ideas.

My mom has been characterized as being gently very persistent. As someone quite used to her I rarely noticed this, but I do agree with it.

Art was used to being in charge, both in his career and in his own family. At work he was quite competent. At home he was a stern father (with maybe some painful consequences).

I was concerned about what he would become as he aged. Would stubbornness be a challenge? A wise friend has said that whatever you are like, as you get older you become more so.

I was impressed then that, as Art started declining he became more of a gentleman, more content and a sweeter individual. He often told the story of how as a young man he had been wild and rebellious. As an adult that changed when he decided to really follow Christ. Previously he had hated some people; afterwards he loved them and worked for their benefit.

I want to be like Art when I get older in that I want to become more like Christ in love. In doing so, I will become a better person.