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Austin and Janae's wedding ceremony was traditional and formal. But the rest of the time was much more informal.

wed_austin_janae0 Janae with her parents.

wed_austin_janae1 The groom's party.

wed_austin_janae2 Janae's cake with a fish in the middle.

wed_austin_janae3 Larry playing the cello.

wed_austin_janae4 The ring-bearers' entrance.

wed_austin_janae5 Janae's entrance.

wed_austin_janae6 The wedding setting.

wed_austin_janae7 They're just married!

wed_austin_janae8 The couple.

wed_austin_janae9 The wedding party.

wed_austin_janae10 The couple and the groom's parents.

wed_austin_janae11 The couple and both families.

wed_austin_janae12 The couple and the bride's family.

wed_austin_janae13 Maid of honor's speech.

wed_austin_janae14 Reception guests.

wed_austin_janae15 Signing the marriage license.

wed_austin_janae16 Their dance.

wed_austin_janae17 So happy.

wed_austin_janae18 Wedding loot!

wed_austin_janae19 And the decorated car.