misc_cool0 2005: An artfully shattered window at work.

misc_cool1 The logo out front of where I work.

misc_cool2 The door fell off of our old van!

misc_cool3 A crazy house near where a friend has a cabin.

misc_cool4 Seattle sunset from Lake Washington.

misc_cool5 2006: Kettle Falls near Grand Forks, BC. Up close, it is too big and violent to capture very well in a picture.

misc_cool6 A custom 4WD Camaro parked not too far from us.

misc_cool7 This man mounted this gorgeous 3000 hp engine up on the back of a flat bed truck. The engine runs, but is not connected to any load. It is simply a movable piece of art.

misc_cool8 The Columbia river near Wenatchee.

misc_cool9 A race car that Alan is worked on as part of a team at Clarkson University. This was the car that they designed and constructed in 2005.

misc_cool10 Tessa made this anagram for Melanie.

misc_cool11 Mom visited us and brought her computers. We also had bought some new laptops. That's a lot of Apples.

misc_cool12 Sunset over the Skykomish River.

misc_cool13 This jet engine sprint car was at the 2006 Edmonds car show. It had not yet been raced.

misc_cool14 October full moon.

misc_cool15 Austin's painting he gave to my Mom for Christmas.

misc_cool16 2007: Cormorants on pilings at Kenmore's Log Boom Park.

misc_cool17 2009: I bought a front wheel drive bike. Cruzbike It was not easy to learn to ride, but it is very comfortable.

misc_cool18 There was an AC Shelby Cobra at the 2009 Edmonds car show.