The first year with Mom & Dad was a good experience, so they wanted to get more of the family involved. This time we went to Homewood Camp in BC, Canada.

ext_family_camps9 Settling into camp is a time of high expectations and fun.

ext_family_camps10 Alan & Austin invented ultimate ping-pong. Whoever lost the volley had to receive a high-power serve to the stomach. Austin made more volleys, but lost the game because Alan hit him more times!

ext_family_camps11 We worked Legos together.

ext_family_camps12 We were waiting for our turn at the pellet gun rifle range.

ext_family_camps13 Some of the camp meetings were at this point on the water.

ext_family_camps14 I think we were waiting for the lunch bell.

ext_family_camps15 Homewood's waterfront is on BC inland ocean water.

ext_family_camps16 Drew & Dave Johnston. The camp had water ski boats, but the water was cold!

ext_family_camps17 The camp also had a couple of sailboats. The wind was strong enough to push the boat at an angle and move us along nicely. Fun!

ext_family_camps18 Again we brought our instruments. Three other campers joined us for this number.

ext_family_camps19 A friend, Austin, Larry, Melanie, Lisa & Dave.

ext_family_camps20 Alan, Andrew, Drew & Amy (then in back) Brooke, Melissa & Megan.

ext_family_camps21 One of my all-time favorite pictures. (back) Dave, Lisa, Larry, Melanie, Andrew, Austin, Alan, Drew & Bryan. (front) Dad, Mom, Amy, Brooke, Melissa & Megan.