Here are some highlight pictures of family life from 2007.

2007_family_life0 Dinner in the new year: Melanie, Andrew, Tessa, Austin, Jessica, Lindsey, Alan & Larry (missing: Janae)

2007_family_life1 Andrew silhouetted by sunset at the Puget Sound (at Discovery Park)

2007_family_life2 Vancouver, BC, Canada Gastown steam clock with Janae & Jessica.

2007_family_life3 The Fremont district of Seattle is a strange place. Melanie, Ella (a friend) and Jessica in front of a Russian imported statue of Lenin!

2007_family_life4 There is a troll under the Fremont bridge that has a VW bug gripped in it's left hand. I am helpfully pointing out its eye.

2007_family_life5 Preparing food together.

2007_family_life6 Jessica & Andrew looking their best?

2007_family_life7 Andrew & Jessica get along fine!

2007_family_life8 Andrew in a big hair moment.

2007_family_life9 A young friend taking Lindsey and Jessica's picture.

2007_family_life10 We have an annual Anniversary get-away weekend. This year we went to Winthrop in eastern WA. It is beautiful country.

2007_family_life11 Melanie borrowed my hat.

2007_family_life12 We also took along our instruments and played duets (flute & cello; tin whistle & guitar).

2007_family_life13 Melanie and Linda on the wooden roller coaster at the Vancouver PNE. Mel said she laughed the whole ride! (see also at Silverwood)

2007_family_life14 Larry graduating from the UWB.

2007_family_life15 Everybody sharing backrubs.

2007_family_life16 Last dinner with Jessica & Alan at home before Christmas.

2007_family_life17 We went to Silverwood Theme Park. They have two good wooden roller coasters. Jessica, Janae (and I) posed for this one. Melanie is not posing - that is her standard roller coaster expression. (see PNE)