Andrew took a trip to Germany in July 2007. It was led by his German teacher from Inglemoor High School and they traveled with students from a couple of other schools. They visited several cities and had a 5 day home stay with German families in Leipzig. These are from pictures that he took.

2007_andrew_germany0 Traveling in the bus.

2007_andrew_germany1 Random building in Munich.

2007_andrew_germany2 The town hall (rathaus) on the Marienplatz.

2007_andrew_germany3 Same building from front.

2007_andrew_germany4 The IHS group. Andrew is the tallest one. In front of the Domkirche.

2007_andrew_germany5 A fountain also in front of the Domkirche.

2007_andrew_germany6 Dachau concentration camp.

2007_andrew_germany7 Courtyard where the prisoners would be lined up for hours every day.

2007_andrew_germany8 Gate to the gas chambers.

2007_andrew_germany9 Guard tower.

2007_andrew_germany10 Neuschwanstein Castle, built by Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. It was the original inspiration for Disney's Cinderella castle.

2007_andrew_germany11 View from the side where the tour ended.

2007_andrew_germany12 The group again.

2007_andrew_germany13 View from the castle.

2007_andrew_germany14 Ludwig lived in this other castle by the town when he was younger. At that time he was planning the Neuschwanstein castle.

2007_andrew_germany15 This is Schloss Linderhof, Ludvig's summer castle. It was the only one that was actually finished while he was alive and that he lived in.

2007_andrew_germany16 Fountain in the castle gardens.

2007_andrew_germany17 A single carving masterpiece in a church in Rottenburg. It depicts the last supper. The Judas character in the middle is a removable piece.

2007_andrew_germany18 Andrew in Rottenburg on the marktplatz.

The story behind the glockenspiel is that during the crusades, Lutherans and Catholics were at war and a large army came to Rottenburg. They wanted the town to convert to their religion or be destroyed, but the mayor was able to make a deal. If he was able to drink some certain large amount of beer, the town would be spared. The glockenspiel commemorates the bet that he made.

2007_andrew_germany19 Nuremburg sunset.

2007_andrew_germany20 A DDR (east German) plastic-bodied Trabant car.

2007_andrew_germany21 Overview of Leipzig.

2007_andrew_germany22 The group from Inglemoor and home-stay host siblings at a barbecue in the park. Andrew is on the very right.

2007_andrew_germany23 Andrew's mohawk in spikes (while he was in Berlin)!