Here are some highlight pictures of family life from 2006.

2006_family_life0 Inside our great room looking out on the flowers in our yard this year.

2006_family_life1 Alan and his friend Thomas are being each other - they swapped clothes.

2006_family_life2 The Inglemoor High School band at a music festival in Florida. They won in their competition.

2006_family_life3 Afterward, they visited a beach and Alan found this tasty morsel.

2006_family_life4 We were traveling to my nephew's wedding. Life is fun in the car. (maybe :-)

2006_family_life5 For the second year in a row, Alan's brass quartet won first place in the all-state competition.

2006_family_life6 Alan in a comfortable pose.

2006_family_life7 Jasmine wants you to play with her.

2006_family_life8 Where we usually eat dinner at home.

2006_family_life9 My Mom & Art with Alan at his high school graduation.

2006_family_life10 We had a graduation party for Alan.

2006_family_life11 Quite a few people were able to come to the party.

2006_family_life12 Andrew taking advantage of some summer rays.

2006_family_life13 Alan's high school senior picture.

2006_family_life14 A portrait of Andrew from a couple of years ago.

2006_family_life15 At Mom's birthday, we made a scrapbook for Mom of all us kids and grandkids.

2006_family_life16 Afterward, we gave Mom her favorite gift of making music together.

2006_family_life17 Austin & Janae's dog Cari was too hot, so they shaved her.

2006_family_life18 All us computer nuts at church.

2006_family_life19 Melanie (on left) went on a three hour horse ride. She came back sore, but quite happy.

2006_family_life20 Alan and Lindsey also went along.

2006_family_life21 They rode to this water cascade and pool. The horses went right in to drink.

2006_family_life22 Andrew went to Malibu Club camp in BC, Canada. It is quite remote - 11 hours (by bus & boat) from Seattle. The last part is by private ferry direct to the camp.

2006_family_life23 This was his Young Life group.

2006_family_life24 At Lake Samamish beach, someone decided to plant Lindsey.

2006_family_life25 Afterward, Andrew got some wakeboard tips from Alan.

2006_family_life26 We were doing some closet cleaning. Andrew found these barely-fits old pants and modeled them for us.

2006_family_life27 We went out on the boat late in the summer. Jessica is part of our family this year.

2006_family_life28 At the Edmonds car show, we saw some very cool custom cars. This street rod had a Viper (very large) engine installed. That is Andrew, Tessa & Jessica.

2006_family_life29 Tessa and Andrew were making use of a box. Andrew is packed in tight.

2006_family_life30 Andrew in a soccer game.

2006_family_life31 Andrew in the band in the stands at an Inglemoor football game.

2006_family_life32 The Inglemoor marching band waiting to go out on to the field.

2006_family_life33 Jessica was at a friend's house taking pictures in the breeze.

2006_family_life34 We went for lunch after church to Anthony's Beach Cafe with Tessa.

2006_family_life35 Andrew & Tessa at Inglemoor's Homecoming.