NEW YEARS 2007: a wonderful time to send and receive news from our friends. We thank the Lord for each one of you. Here are some of our highlights of 2006.

20061228_NewsLetter0 JANUARY to MARCH - in Japan

One of the 8 English classes we taught August '05 - March '06 while we were living in Nakano, Japan.

20061228_NewsLetter1 APRIL to JULY - in Canada and USA

Ian Friesen (Marilyn's 2nd son) and Danielle's wedding in April in Grand Forks, BC.

20061228_NewsLetter2 High school graduate Alan Grove (Larry's 2nd son) and...

20061228_NewsLetter3 High school graduate Bryan Friesen (Marilyn's 3rd son)

20061228_NewsLetter4 June

Girl's birthday party to make up for the birthdays missed (all but two) while we were in Japan. Marilyn, Megan, Melissa, Brooke, Amy, and Lisa.

20061228_NewsLetter5 My family surprised me with a special 75th birthday party.

Two special gifts were playing music together and...

20061228_NewsLetter6 album with a page from each of my children and grandchildren.

20061228_NewsLetter7 Art performed the wedding for his granddaughter, Kathy and Brian in August. It was in a beautiful park with a view of Mt. Rainier as a backdrop.

20061228_NewsLetter8 AUGUST to DECEMBER - in Japan

October 1st was the 40th anniversary of the church in Toyama that Leslie and I along with Bob and Betty Carlson started. We were the first ones to live in this building that has been the church for many years. They have an average attendance of 75 - 80 people

20061228_NewsLetter9 During the month of September I drove an hour and a half to Nakano on Tuesday mornings to teach English, and then returned to Karuizawa on Friday morning. Meanwhile, Art was busy with many activities in Karuizawa.

We lived in this house in Karuizawa and shared the van with 5 other people....

20061228_NewsLetter10 ...enjoyed the beautiful colored leaves of fall...

20061228_NewsLetter11 ...and had fun raking and burning them.

20061228_NewsLetter12 We also helped with maintenance on several of the cabins you can see in the picture.


is special with thousands of people coming to see the special Lights of Christmas. We had a small part in helping to give Gospel tracts to those who came by car and came by bus from as far away as Tokyo .

20061228_NewsLetter14 At a concert there on December 9th, Art's daughter, Aileen, had the privilege of giving a Message of the true meaning of Christmas to an audience of nearly 350 people. 2/3rds of them most likely were not Christians, and did not know the true meaning of Christmas.

We returned to Abbotsford, BC, from Japan on December 11th.

  • First thing was to get over jet lag - successful!
  • Next was to visit our families - we did that too!
  • We were in Abbotsford for the first Sunday, Sequim for the next, Christmas Eve with Lisa and Dave and their extended family, then Christmas Day with Marilyn and her family.
  • After that, the Grove side of the family had our get together at Warm Beach, WA, at the Lights of Christmas. It was spectacular, and we had a great time.
  • We were with Art's side of the family at Carol and Jim's home to celebrate Art's birthday and that of a grandson. Art's son Loren and Cheryl and his sisters were there as well as a niece and nephew.
  • We brought in the new year at Art's sister Muriel's in Sequim.
Now we are looking forward to new opportunities in 2007.
The question we frequently hear - "When will you go back to Japan?"
The answer is: "We will be happy to go if and when the Lord tells us to go". We are happy in Abbotsford, Washington state or Japan - or even some other place, as long as it is where the Lord wants us to be. In other words, at this point, plans are indefinite for us. We do expect to be staying in Abbotsford at least for the first half of this year.

May God bless you and give you His Peace in the New Year.

Content with Christ,
Carolyn and Art

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