On Aug 2004 I went hiking at Ptarmigan Ridge with David Friesen. The hike starts from the top of the Mt. Baker ski area and overlooks the north side of the mountain. The day was beautiful, but very hot.

2004_ptarmigan0 The hike didn't have much elevation change. Some meadows, lots of views.

2004_ptarmigan1 There was a bit of smoke in the valleys from some forest fires.

2004_ptarmigan2 An iridescent blue butterfly! I did not know they were wild in this country.

2004_ptarmigan3 We counted just under 30 goats keeping cool on the snow.

2004_ptarmigan4 The mountain was huge.

2004_ptarmigan5 Alpine wild flowers.

2004_ptarmigan6 Alpine wild flowers.

2004_ptarmigan7 Alpine wild flowers.

2004_ptarmigan8 This pile had fantastic jumbled sedimentary rock layers.

2004_ptarmigan9 Looking down to a glacier.

2004_ptarmigan10 "It's about so high."

2004_ptarmigan11 "I'll just pick it up for you."

2004_ptarmigan12 Snow, grass and rock. Lots of rock.

2004_ptarmigan13 Testing ourselves with a bit of vertical.

2004_ptarmigan14 Me on a ridge tip-top.

2004_ptarmigan15 And the context shot. It is so fun to see miles all around you!

2004_ptarmigan16 Later, we went down near this lake.

2004_ptarmigan17 It was very hot. Note the stepped rock formations.

2004_ptarmigan18 As we were leaving the ski area, we passed this perfect view.