In 2002 we became busy with an addition on our house. Final inspection was competed the end of 2003. I was my own general contractor. I sub-contracted a few jobs, but did most of my own work. There are a few finish details to complete, but we are very pleased with the results. The whole thing has been quite an adventure.

2002_house_addition0 Digging up the yard.

2002_house_addition1 Pouring the foundation with the help of a concrete pumper truck.

2002_house_addition2 Floor joists going in.

2002_house_addition3 Carrying drainage rock to put around the foundation.

2002_house_addition4 Walls starting to go up.

2002_house_addition5 Trusses arriving.

2002_house_addition6 Roof taking shape.

2002_house_addition7 The shell is complete.

2002_house_addition8 Removing the old siding from existing house.

2002_house_addition9 All new siding for the house.

2002_house_addition10 Putting up a temporary beam to hold up the ceiling while the kitchen glue-lam is installed.

2002_house_addition11 The opened up kitchen and clean great-room with windows. The boys had fun swinging (literally) from the rafters. The weather isn't cold yet.

2002_house_addition12 Plumbing for the master bathroom.

2002_house_addition13 Insetting the the hearth backing material for the gas fireplace.

2002_house_addition14 Wiring, heat ducts, plumbing & insulation under the new section.

2002_house_addition15 Demolition, dust and dirt so a kitchen wall can be moved.

2002_house_addition16 The weather was cold during the project and it was hard to heat the rest of the house.

2002_house_addition17 Rinsing supper dishes in the bathroom tub.

2002_house_addition18 Cooking while replacing the kitchen ceiling panels.

2002_house_addition19 Building the pantry walls. One of the times my Dad was able to work with me.

2002_house_addition20 Painting. The rest of the addition was done with a sprayer.

2002_house_addition21 Putting in the new cabinets.

2002_house_addition22 Finally a working new kitchen!

2002_house_addition23 The master suite bathroom.

2002_house_addition24 Laying down the laminate flooring.

2002_house_addition25 Enjoying the new Great Room.