My friend Paul had a hiking pass for the Enchantments alpine lake area near Leavenworth for September 2002. I had been there once before and jumped at the chance to return.

2002_enchantments0 We ate breakfast in Leavenworth before starting the hike. We chose to go in the steeper Aasgard Pass access.

2002_enchantments1 Colchuck Lake was beautiful. We had to go around it and up the pass on the far side.

2002_enchantments2 Lunch was at a beach on the far side.

2002_enchantments3 The sun was soon down when we got to the top. It got cold and there was a wind storm. Sand sometimes blew into my eyes through a tent zipper hole.

2002_enchantments4 It stayed cold the next day. There were small whitecaps on some of the lakes.

2002_enchantments5 We wore everything we had as we hiked to the lower lakes.

2002_enchantments6 More green showed up as we hiked down, and the lakes were beautiful.

2002_enchantments7 The trees had this incredible silver weathered color.

2002_enchantments8 We met up another group of friends. It was good for our spirits to be with them for a bit.

2002_enchantments9 Rex did some catch and release.

2002_enchantments10 Most of the time the clouds stayed low. Yes, it was cold! We dropped down to Rune Lake looking for an available camp.

2002_enchantments11 A campsite by a meadow was open.

2002_enchantments12 That night Prusik Peak was beautiful in the sunset.

2002_enchantments13 Some goats came near us later.

2002_enchantments14 A path through the meadow had this gnarled bridge.

2002_enchantments15 The outdoor privy sometimes had the best views.

2002_enchantments16 Heather

2002_enchantments17 More beautiful tiny flowers.

2002_enchantments18 All around us were the most beautiful lakes.

2002_enchantments19 The lakes are glacier fed.

2002_enchantments20 This lake has a sword of rock that juts into it with a sheer drop at the end.

2002_enchantments21 Each lake cascades into the next.

2002_enchantments22 The outlet waterfalls are fantastic.

2002_enchantments23 Little Anapurna (named for a similar-looking peak in the Himalayas) is very distinctive.

2002_enchantments24 Taking a break during an outing.

2002_enchantments25 From our camp several paths led up to other vistas.

2002_enchantments26 This was overlooking Shield Lake and the Edward Mesa.

2002_enchantments27 From that area is a good view of Little Anapurna.

2002_enchantments28 Going up the ridge to Prusik Peak.

2002_enchantments29 There were some great rocks to climb on. This one was balanced on three points.

2002_enchantments30 I am a blue dot with an arm pointing right on the ridge lower left of Prusik.

2002_enchantments31 Prussik Peak reflecting in one of the many Enchantment lakes.

2002_enchantments32 We went the long way out by Snow Lake. This little lake along the way was so perfect.

2002_enchantments33 Getting out was hard and we were glad to be done.