Tips for Windows OS

This is a legacy page and may have outdated content.

Windows-XP re-installation

Get the motherboard drivers and (graphics) card drivers before proceeding. (This version of steps specifically applies to our Shuttle PC.)

  • Press Del during boot to enter CMOS. Set the CDROM as first boot device.
  • Boot XP from CD and install Windows.
  • After re-boot, install mobo drivers.
  • With the XP CD that I had, the latest DirectX drivers seem to be missing, so the mobo drivers complained about that. But the mobo drivers do enable the internet connection. Re-boot and start the windows update process.
  • Repeat running windows update until there are no more updates.

Inaccessible Windows

Sometimes a Windows window will be off-screen and not accessible. To move it:

  • alt-tab to the desired window
  • hit alt-spacebar (opens top-left menu)
  • hit the M key ("Move")
  • hit an arrow key (to make title bar pinned to mouse)
  • move the mouse to move the window
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