I have written some songs for use at our church. You are welcome to use them as well. And then, please tell me about it. On the page for each song, you can right-click on a song leadsheet link to save a local copy. I have included demo tracks for some of the songs.

I play the guitar, so the music is written in support mostly of that instrument.

Jude Benediction

Benedictions are blessings. And when they come from scripture, they seem to me to be very significant. This blessing from Jude 1: 24 & 25 is also very beautiful.     Jude Benediction

The Lamb And the Lion

Jesus is the Lamb of God, but He is also the Lion of Judah - meek, yet powerful. I find this contrast to be a real mystery. And yet in both these roles, the strength of Jesus is very evident.     The Lamb And the Lion

Love Like God's

This is a teaching and praise song about love that is like God's, and about becoming like God in this love.     Love Like God's

God's Power in Me

This is a happy upbeat song about the work of God to transform our lives to be sacrificially loving like him, and then how that that improves all our relationships.     God's Power in Me

You Are My King

This is a song about God's Kingdom: what we do to be in it and what God gives us in return.     You Are My King

Most Glorious of All

This is a song about the glory of God, especially as demonstrated at the cross.     Most Glorious of All


To Be Like You