It is so rewarding to participate in the life of a grandchild.

camden0 We all got to hold her the week after she was born. She was so tiny!

camden1 Before she was born, she was seen in a 3D ultrasound image (taken at my company). Amazing.

camden2 A sleeping angel.

camden3 She has always had such interesting expressions.

camden4 She loved being wrapped up tightly. We called her a Cami-piller. She held herself so straight that I could balance her standing like this on my hand at 3 months old.

camden5 Amazingly this is 5 generations (on Melanie's side of the family).

camden6 Kitchen sink bath.

camden7 Little girl bundled up.

camden8 Playing with the toys at our house.

camden9 The five generations, summer 2011.

camden10 Four generations (on my side of the family).

camden11 Sharing ice cream.

camden12 Contemplative.   (photo credit to Bryan Seely)

camden13 Camden is a happy, fun girl.

camden14 Five generations, winter 2011.

camden15 Backyard fun.

camden16 Riding on daddy's shoulders

camden17 Hiding

camden18 Dancing at her Uncle Alan's wedding

camden19 Playing to the camera.