Music Compositions

You Are My King

This is a song about God's Kingdom: what we do to be in it and what God gives us in return.

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An essential aspect of Christianity is that of Jesus Christ as King.

The word "fealty" is not very common these days. Historically when a vassal swore loyalty to a king, they were giving their fealty. The word comes from the same root as the word "faithful".

Giving fealty to a king would also result in advantages to the vassal. Historically, in feudal times, the king owned most of the land, and would loan a piece of it to the vassal lord to administer. In return, the vassal would supply the king with warriors for his army.

God's Kingdom is very different: is is all about relationships (not land). Our fealty is the adopting of His value system of sacrificial love for the benefit of others. We acknowledge that His value system is better than ours, and abandon ours. In return, God gives us His peace - which is restored relationship with Him. In addition, our relationships with other people are restored by this change in our value system.