Music Compositions

God's Power in Me

This is a happy upbeat song about the work of God to transform our lives to be sacrificially loving like him, and then how that that improves all our relationships.

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Being transformed by God to become loving like him is not an easy process. It goes against our nature and there is real struggle in the process. But it also is a happy process with great benefits.

Verse one sees the process as a journey.

Verse two talks about the works of Jesus. This does not mean just His actions like the miracles that he did. The works of Jesus were how he showed God the Father to us by loving as the Father loves. (Jn 14:9-15 & 15:9-14) This is why he only gives us one command: to love. Loving like this will show Jesus to the people we contact.

Another aspect of this value system of love is being forgiving. God's value system most looks like Jesus on the cross. Jesus did the will of the Father by going to the cross out of love for us, that we could have forgiveness and restored relationship with him. Being forgiving is a key aspect of doing the works of Jesus.

Verse three talks about some of the tools God gives us for living this life. Through them we change our thinking to be more like God's.

Verse four is more cryptic. It highlights themes from our pastors teaching. A key aspect of the Kingdom of God is that it is not earthly. Even today, many of us do not "get" this even though it clarifies much of Christianity.

The work of John the Baptist was to prepare the hearts of people for Jesus and to point them to Him as the coming King. We are to take up John's task. In support of this, God has promised to move mountains at our request. (Mt 17:20, 21:21-22) Jesus was talking about the same stuff that John did in his ministry by way of preparing the way for the coming King. (Is 40:3-5 & Mt 3:1-2) He was speaking of mountainous obstacles in the hearts of people that prevented them from welcoming the King. Prayer is key for us to accomplish this task.

So we are to point the way to Jesus as our King by loving and living sacrificially. We are to participate in preparing the hearts of people for the King through prayer, remembering always that this Kingdom of God is only the hearts of His people - that it is not an earthly Kingdom.